Uploading Meet Results

This option is available to the meet hosts only
  • Go to your Season Calendar and click on the meet.
  • Click 'Upload Results' under Meet Host Tools on the right.
  • Follow instructions listed there or click here for instructions.

Don't know how to export the file from HyTek? Click here to find out.

How to format results for uploading:
  • The source file must be comma, semi-colon, or tab delimited
    • Click here to see examples of different formats.
    • Click here to learn how to save files as these formats.
  • The first line must contain column headings. The order does not matter, but you need to have the following fields: FirstName, LastName, School, Time, Place, DivisionID.
  • DivisionID is optional, if each division is in a separate file.

Would you like us to support additional formats?  Upload a sample file, send us a feedback, and we will work on supporting it.