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Link MS & HS Teams

Each high school team may now link to one middle school, and each middle school may link to one high school. 
If the high school has several middle schools linking to it, the HS team page will include links to each of the middle schools.


  • Provides an easy method of navigating between commonly accessed teams.
  • Securely grants coach access to your teams page for coaches of the team you linked to.  (You can not gain access to another team by linking to them.  They have to initiate the link, or you can file a support request and we can establish the link.)

How to link your team:

  • Sign in, and go to your team page 
  • Click: Edit School Info
  • In the "General Information" section, click: Change Link ID
  • If your team is not listed, you will need to add them to the website first.  You can use the following page to add teams to the website: