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How Can I Help?

Help promote the website.
We put most of our energy into running a quality website. We depend on you to tell others about the website. The website has grown to its present size without any large marketing campaign. Thank you for spreading the word about the website!
  •  Place a link to on your school's sports page.
  • Email the website link to a few coaches who would appreciate knowing about it.
  • Spread the word at meets you attend
User Documentation
You can help other users by writing documentation and How-To guides. Your existing coach email and password allow you to edit this website.
  • Add/Update this documentation website and create new How-To guides
  • Help us, and new users, by recording updated tutorial videos. The existing videos are out of date.
Website Maintenance
  • Please report duplicate meets.
  • Please update school alignments.
Development Opportunities
Would you like to try your hand at contributing code to the website?
  • You could develop a Facebook plug-in for,
  • Or develop a cross country course Google mapping program.
  • Have other ideas, let us know
    Can you think of other items that should be on this page?  Please edit and update this page!