Upload Track Results

1. Export the file from HyTek

Click here for instructions with pictures.
Click: File -> Export -> Semi-colon Delimited Results
Click: OK
Click: OK
Take note of where HyTek plans to export the file, and Click OK.
Click: OK
[If you Varsity and JV/FroshSoph results are in separate meet files, repeat the above steps for both.]

2. Select the result file(s) to upload

Varsity, or Mixed:
Second File: (optional)
JV Only: (optional)
Frosh Soph Only: (optional

Used only one HyTek computer?  Use only the first upload box.
Had a boys and a girls computer?  Use the first two upload boxes.
Split Varsity and JV entries onto separate computers?  Use the first and 3rd upload box.
JV or Frosh/Soph only meet?  Use only JV or Frosh/Soph upload box.

3. Select from the following

FAT, Fully Automatic Timing equipment was used for every race. OR you indicated each hand timed race in HyTek.
Hand Timing was used for all races.
A Mix of FAT and Hand Timing was used. The next page will let you select the timing method for every race.

Regulation Shot was used by all meet participants.
JV Shot was used by JV and FroshSoph participants.

Varsity Height hurdles were used by JV and FroshSoph participants.
JV Height hurdles were used by JV and FroshSoph participants.

4. Begin result processing

         Click "Process File(s)" to begin result processing.