Importing Track Entries into Hytek

How to prepare HyTek for a new meet                                                                                                                      

Copy an old meet (if you have one), then
  • Click File -> Purge -> Remove Data Selectively
  • Click "Teams" (3 more options auto check, which is good)
  • Click OK 3 times

Now you have an empty database ready to import entries.

How to load meet entries into HyTek

Download the meet data file for your meet (MeetEntries or MeetEntries.txt)

Then in HyTek
  • Click File -> Import -> Semi-Colon Delimited Roster/Entries
  • Select the meet data file (MeetEntries or MeetEntries.txt)
  • Click Open
  • Click OK

If you have errors, the exception report will open. Take note of the events with errors. These events are probably not configured as the site expects. You will want to make any changes to the event set up, purge your entries, then re-import them. Continue until you have no errors.

If none of your entries imported, make sure Hytek is setup with Meet Type Standard or by Event, to match what you want.

Our meet has Varsity and JV divisions. How do I configure HyTek so the import will work?

Select the best meet type for your situation.

Meet Type - Standard

In HyTek, click:
  • Setup -> Meet Set-up -> Meet Type -> Standard

In this method, all of your entries (V, JV, F/S) are combined into the same races. When you create your events you will not specify a Division.

Your event list will look like this:
  • Girls 100m
  • Boys 100m
  • Girls 200m
  • Boys 200m
  • Etc.

Meet Type - By Event

In HyTek, click:
  • Setup -> Meet Set-up -> Meet Type -> By Event -> OK


Correct Division Setup

Then click:
  • Setup -> Division / Region Names -> Divisions

Configure the divisions in HyTek as shown on the right:
  • Div# 1 = V, Varsity,
  • Div# 2 = JV, Junior Varsity,
  • Div# 3 = FS, Frosh Soph

You may use other names for the divisions, but remember that when you load the results back onto, Div 1 will be labeled as Varsity, 2 as JV, 3 as FS

In this method, entries from will be placed by division into events in Hytek. You will need to configure a separate event in Hytek for each race/division combo. Example: you will need to create a Varsity boys 100m event, JV boys 100m event, and/or F/S boys 100m event.

Your event list will look this:
  • Girls 100m Varsity
  • Girls 100m JV
  • Girls 100m FS
  • Boys 100m Varsity
  • Boys 100m JV
  • Boys 100m FS
  • Etc.