Importing Track Entries into EasyMeet II

How to prepare EasyMeet for a new meet, based on a previous meet

Open an existing meet, click File -> Backup, and create a backup of the meet Click File -> Restore a Saved Meet Select *** RESTORE AS A NEW MEET *** Click File -> Delete All Entries in This Meet

(Now you have a database ready to import entries)

How to import meet entries into EasyMeet

Download the meet data file above (EasyMeetEntries or EasyMeetEntries.txt)

Then in EasyMeet, Click:
  • File
  • Import Entries
  • Import Semi-Colon Delimited ENTRIES from Easy Team Manager and Others

Select the meet data file (EasyMeetEntries or EasyMeetEntries.txt)
  • Click Ok
  • Click Import (Should not have errors...)

Our meet has Varsity and JV divisions. How do I configure EasyMeet so the import will work?

When setting up an event in EasyMeet, configure the Division Number as follows:

Division Number 1 = Varsity, 2 = Junior Varsity, 3 = Frosh Soph

You may use other names for the divisions, but remember that when you upload the results back onto, Div 1 will be labeled as Varsity, 2 as JV, 3 as FS

How should I configure relay races?

For relay events, you need to enter the total distance of the race, for EasyMeet to interface with

Relay events that currently supports: Event = Meters (Let us know if you would like to see additional relays)
  • 4x100m = 400
  • 4x200m = 800
  • 4x400m = 1600
  • 4x800m = 3200
  • Sprint Medley 1,1,2,4 = 800
  • Sprint Medley 2,2,4,8 = 1600
  • Distance Medley = 4000
  • Boys Shuttle Hurdles = 440
  • Girls Shuttle Hurdles = 400