Importing Track Entries into LynxPad 3.10

How do I configure events in LynxPad to receive entries from

When adding events to your LynxPad meet, use the following Event #'s for each event. (The event name is not important)

Boys Events
Girls Events
Event#Event NameShort
4155 Meter Dash55m
4260 Meter Dash60m
11670 Meter Dash70m
1100 Meters100m
2200 Meters200m
105300 Meters300m
3400 Meters400m
120500 Meters500m
54600 Meters600m
4800 Meters800m
561000 Meters1000m
701200 Meters1200m
51500 Meters1500m
521600 Meters1600m
971600m Racewalk1600m RW
581 Mile1mile
1142400 Meters2400m
63000 Meters3000m
603200 Meters3200m
622 Miles2miles
795000 Meters5000m
11810,000 Meters10 km
4355m Hurdles55mH
4460m Hurdles60mH
8465m Hurdles65mH
3775m Hurdles75mH
10780m Hurdles80mH
38100 High Hurdles100mH
10110 High Hurdles110mH
112200m Hurdles200mH
11300 Int Hurdles300mH
45400m Hurdles400mH
1112k Steeplechase2kSteeple
723k Steeplechase3kSteeple
74x100 Relay4x100m
1094x160 Relay4x160m
504x200 Relay4x200m
1284x300 Relay4x300m
84x400 Relay4x400m
394x800 Relay4x800m
954x1600 Relay4x1600m
65Sprint Medley Relay 1,1,2,400mSprintMed1124
134Sprint Medley Relay 1,3,6,200mSprintMed1362
90Sprint Medley Relay 2,2,4,800mSprintMed2248
40Distance Medley RelayDistMed
74Shuttle HurdlesShuttleH
12Shot PutShot
139Softball ThrowSoftball
9High JumpHJ
16Pole VaultPV
17Long JumpLJ
18Triple JumpTJ
122Weight ThrowWT
126Pentathlon Score (Indoor)Indoor Pentathlon
124Pentathlon Score (Outdoor)Outdoor Pentathlon
101Heptathlon ScoreHeptathlon
103Decathlon ScoreDecathlon
81Roster OnlyRoster Only

Event #Event NameShort
4655 Meter Dash55m
4760 Meter Dash60m
11770 Meter Dash70m
19100 Meters100m
20200 Meters200m
106300 Meters300m
21400 Meters400m
121500 Meters500m
55600 Meters600m
22800 Meters800m
571000 Meters1000m
711200 Meters1200m
231500 Meters1500m
531600 Meters1600m
981600m Racewalk1600m RW
591 Mile1mile
1152400 Meters2400m
243000 Meters3000m
613200 Meters3200m
632 Miles2miles
805000 Meters5000m
11910,000 Meters10 km
4855m Hurdles55mH
4960m Hurdles60mH
13875m Hurdles75mH
10880m Hurdles80mH
28100 High Hurdles100mH
113200m Hurdles200mH
29300 Low Hurdles300mH
94400m Hurdles400mH
732k Steeplechase2kSteeple
1363k Steeplechase3kSteeple
254x100 Relay4x100m
1104x160 Relay4x160m
514x200 Relay4x200m
1294x300 Relay4x300m
264x400 Relay4x400m
674x800 Relay4x800m
964x1600 Relay4x1600m
66Sprint Medley Relay 1,1,2,400mSprintMed1124
135Sprint Medley Relay 1,3,6,200mSprintMed1362
91Sprint Medley Relay 2,2,4,800mSprintMed2248
64Distance Medley RelayDistMed
75Shuttle HurdlesShuttleH
30Shot PutShot
140Softball ThrowSoftball
27High JumpHJ
34Pole VaultPV
35Long JumpLJ
36Triple JumpTJ
123Weight ThrowWT
127Pentathlon Score (Indoor)Indoor Pentathlon
125Pentathlon Score (Outdoor)Outdoor Pentathlon
102Heptathlon ScoreHeptathlon
104Decathlon ScoreDecathlon
82Roster OnlyRoster Only

Our meet has Varsity and JV divisions. How do I configure LynxPad so the import will work?

Add JV events as described above, but add 200 to the Event # and add 400 for Frosh/Soph division entries.

Example, 800m Boys Varsity=4, 800m Boys JV=204, 800m Boys Frosh Soph=404