Custom Format Cross Country

Use the Custom format if you are exporting results from Excel or other custom software that we don't currently accept. When you are ready to upload, copy-and-paste the results from Excel or save your file in the .csv format and upload it.

  • download example (Excel template)
  • Results may be comma, semi-colon, or tab delimited
  • First line must contain column headings.
  • Column order does not matter, but you must have at least: FirstName, LastName, Team, Time, Gender
  • [DivisionID] is also necessary, unless each division is in a separate file, but it is always recommended.
  • [Place] is necessary for the results to be Official. See Unofficial vs. Official Results
  • [Grade], and [Score] are optional, but also HIGHLY recommended.
  • Time should be mm:ss.S or mm:ss.SS. You may also put DQ or DNF if appropriate in that column.
Tip: If working in Excel, format the time column as text (highlight column, format cells, choose text) to avoid Excel trying to out think you on time formats.

In addition to using this format for individual results uploads, the custom format may also be used to upload scores that use a unique scoring format that does not fit within our automatic point calculation methods, or to upload scores for double dual meets

Watch this 76 second video how to set up columns and headings.

Need help separating names into columns? What this 90 second video.


Select all the data on the page, copy and use the Paste Results option on the Upload Tab

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