Missing Start Times with FAT Systems

Missing Start Times with FAT Systems

Unfortunately, one of the difficulties of an FAT system is capturing the start time automatically. Systems occasionally fail.

Using Hand Times From Image - Mark as Hand Time on Anet

If this is the case, but image is captured, then most systems will allow you to use a hand time on any athlete and still time the field. If you do this, however, the times are HAND TIMES and should be marked accordingly in the timing tab when uploading.

Using Hand Times From Backup Watches - Again Mark as Hand Time on Anet

Many hosts still provide stopwatch times in case there is an issue and they can be used with, or without an image. Times are simply typed into the meet management system. Again, mark them as hand time. Never pass off a hand time as FAT.

Time of Day in Place of Start Time - use NT or use features built into Meet Management software

Finish Lynx timing software, for example, will substitute time of day (military time or 24 hour clock time) when the image is read if no start time is applied.

Recover Start Time if Available

Try first recovering the start time under Event > Select Start which offers all available start times for each event. If you have the correct start time, re-evaluate and pull in again.

Use Features in Meet Software

Some popular meet software (for example Hy-Tek Meet Manager) allows you to substitute times under 5 seconds to correctly order the athletes (and it will not allow you to do a judges decision unless you have some time). It will then suppress those times automatically if the correct setting is selected.

If no start time or manual time is available - hand edit upload file

In cases where no hand edit time is available, then you can hand edit the file.

In cases where the timing software inserts time of day and you have not corresponding start time, then before loading, swap out the times with NT, leaving the places intact.


E;T;1;;100;M;;0;;F;17:13:31.00;M;;3;3;1;;1;;;;;Hill;Dorian;;M;;LOHS;Lake Orion;;;140;
E;T;1;;100;M;;0;;F;17:13:31.05;M;;4;4;1;;;;;;;Payne;Raymond;;M;;LOHS;Lake Orion;;SO;186;


E;T;1;;100;M;;0;;F;NT;M;;3;3;1;;1;;;;;Hill;Dorian;;M;;LOHS;Lake Orion;;;140;
E;T;1;;100;M;;0;;F;NT;M;;4;4;1;;;;;;;Payne;Raymond;;M;;LOHS;Lake Orion;;SO;186;

Military time usually prevents the data from being parsed, but once the NT is inserted, these lines will parse correctly.

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