AthleticLIVE XC Qualification

Show individual and team qualifiers for Cross Country meets that are part of a championship series.

Requires a set number of individual and team qualifiers for each race.
If the number of qualifying teams or athletes is fluid or not based on results (e.g. 25% of teams or % of individual qualifiers is based on entries), make sure you calculate the right number of qualifiers before entering.

Admin Setup

On the meet or event edit page, define 4 variables:

  1. # of Qualifying Teams
  2. # of Qualifying Individuals
  3. Qualification Type. The example below assume 2 qualifying teams and 10 qualifying individuals
    1. None: Do not show any qualification information
    2. Team First: All athletes on the first 2 teams receive team qualification. The next 10 athletes not on those 2 teams recieve individual qualification.
    3. Individual First: The top 10 individuals receive individual qualification. Anyone on the top 2 teams and outside of the top 10 receive team qualification.
  4. Individual Must be in Top X to Qualify: In any of the scenarios above, fill out this field if individual qualifiers are only allowed up to a certain place.

Frontend Display

Works for final results only. Individual qualifiers will be marked with an IQ. Team qualifiers will be marked with a TQ.

Meetpro XC Qualification

Meetpro has similar settings, and Meetpro indicates qualification by placing a label next to the athlete name. Depending on your use case, you may need to do a couple of things to make AthleticLIVE work properly.

Use AthleticLIVE XC Qualification Only

This is the preferred method.

  1. Do not set qualifying formulae in Meetpro.

Use AthleticLIVE XC Qualification and Meetpro XC Qualification

AthleticLIVE XC Qualification will override Meetpro XC Qualification, but you may need Meetpro XC Qualification for printed reports.

  1. Edit each event in AthleticLIVE and add the Meetpro Individual and Team Qualification symbol. This is required so we can remove the Meetpro qualification label from the uploaded file.

Use Meetpro XC Qualification Only

  1. Set Qualification Type on the AthleticLIVE Meet edit screen to "None".
  2. Edit each event in AthleticLIVE and add the Meetpro Individual and Team Qualification symbol.

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