Test Data for AthleticRUNMEET

If you're getting started with using AthleticRUNMEET for the first time, you'll want to practice with the software before you use it in a live meet scenario! This is easily accomplished by using an old meet.

The instructions shown here require that you have a Track & Field meet in your team's history that used AthleticNET to collect registrations. If you've never used AthleticNET to collect registrations, but you'd like to try RunMeet, please use the help link at the top of a Manage Meet page to contact us.

To find a meet for testing, visit your team's Track & Field homepage, and then select a previous season from the calendar dropdown:

Select an old meet that your team hosted and collected registrations for.

Meets your team hosted will appear with the date shown in blue.

Once you've selected an old meet, select  Manage Meet.

On the subsequent screen, select RunMeet and then select Start Now.

In order to access RunMeet on a prior season, your team will need Site Supporter access for that season. If you weren't a Site Supporter in the past season, contact us using the help icon at the top of the RunMeet page. We'll happily give you Site Supporter access to the previous season so that you can evaluate RunMeet.

You can use an old meet to easily evaluate all functions of RunMeet, using the various instructions in our guides. You will not affect any published data, with the following exception:

You must not use any Publish Results functions when testing RunMeet with old meet data. If you do, the test data from RunMeet will override what has been published. If you accidentally make this mistake, please contact us using the help link at the top of the RunMeet page so we can restore your previously published meet results.

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