New Personal Record not reflected in rankings?

All exceptional times and marks are flagged for administrator approval. We check the results several times a day and validate the ones that should be approved. This helps us keep our rankings accurate and keeps mis-typed results out of our system. Once we've validated the result, it will be moved to the appropriate place (at the top of the list, where it should be!).

One of the things you can do to make sure that a result is not flagged as incorrect is to ensure that your grade is entered correctly. Talk to your coach if your grade displays incorrectly, since one of the things we look at to determine whether a result needs to be flagged is the grade level of the athlete.

Results will usually be approved within 72 hours, but once we are deep into the season and getting more than 75,000 new results every day, we'll sometimes get a little behind. If it's been longer than that since the Official Results were last published, and you're absolutely certain the mark is correct, your coach should contact us using the Get Help link at the top of the meet results page.

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