Officiating a Vertical Event

AthleticField is capable of officiating both horizontal and vertical events. If you're looking for a horizontal event such as Long Jump or Shot Put, see Officiating a Horizontal Event

Load the Round

From the home screen or the menu at the top left, choose  Load a Round

Depending on how your meet management has configured the meet, you'll either see a list of events or be asked to enter a 6 character code. Enter the code provided by meet management/timing staff for your event, or choose it from the list.

Checking In

Once the round has been loaded, select a flight from the list, and then move to the  Check In tab to start checking athletes in.

To check athletes in:

  • Tap an athlete's name to check them in (noted with a green checkmark).
  • Tap the name again to scratch them (noted with a red X).
  • Tap the name a third time to erase their check-in status.
  • If an athlete wishes to “pass up” to a given height, you may tap their starting height to edit it.

Re-ordering and Moving Athletes

To re-order athletes within a flight, tap the Move icon () at the top right, then drag the athlete's handle () to move them to the correct position.

Once you're done, tap the Move icon again to exit Reorder Mode

If you need to change an athlete's flight, swipe left on the athlete's name. Tap Move to set the athlete's new flight and position.

Officiating the Event

When all athletes have been checked in, choose  Officiate from the bottom of the screen.

On the Officiate screen, athletes are indicated as “up,” “on deck,” or “on hold” with the icons on the left side of the screen. The “up” athlete is also highlighted in green for easy identification.

If 5-alive is enabled, you'll see blue numbers next to each athlete in the current 5-alive group.

To officiate the event:

  1. As the athlete who's “up” readies for their attempt, tap on their name. The mark entry screen will appear.

  1. If an athlete made the attempt, mark O.
  2. If an athlete missed the attempt, mark X.
  3. If an athlete chose to pass on the attempt, mark P.

When you're done, choose Save & Back to Flight to return to the flight screen. The next athlete in the rotation will now be indicated as “up”. Once the athlete makes or passes on a height, you will be able to make marks on subsequent heights.

Checking in and out

If an athlete checks out of the competition, swipe left on an athlete and choose Check Out from the flight list. This removes them from the rotation and displays the time the athlete checked out.

To check them back in, swipe left again and choose Check In.

Add a note

On the Officiate tab, swipe left on an athlete and click "Note". Add a text note for an athlete. This could be useful for pole vault standards or where a checked-out athlete went.

Retire an Athlete

On the Officiate tab, swipe left on an athlete and click Retire. This removes the athlete from the rotation.

If an athlete retired prematurely, swipe left again and choose Un-Retire.

View Standings

Choose  Standings at the bottom of the screen to see both Flight and Round standings. Choose the  icon in the top right to toggle between Flight and Round standings.

Review marks

Choose  Review Marks at the bottom of the screen to see a grid of all marks in flight order. Click on a mark to edit it.

Add an Athlete

To add an athlete to the event, open the menu () in the top left and choose  Add Athlete to Flight.

If the Search Roster tab is active, you can search for an athlete by number or name. If it's not active, or you need to add an athlete manually, move to the Manual Entry tab and enter the athlete's information.

Once you've added the new athlete, you'll need to return to the  Check In tab to check the athlete in.

Using Alive Groups

Meet management may have already configured your vertical event to use alive groups (i.e., 5-alive), but you as the official may choose to change alive group settings as necessary.

To access alive group settings, open the menu () at the top left and choose  Flight Settings.

The Flight Settings screen allows you to change the following settings:

  1. Measurement Type: You can choose from Metric or English measurements. Once athletes are checked in and the event has begun, you can no longer change the measurement type.
  2. Use Alive Groups: Check the box to enable alive groups.
  3. Athlete Group Size: Choose how many athletes are in the alive group (i.e., 5-alive, 6-alive, etc).
  4. Stop doing alive when you have X people left: Select how many people need to be left in the competition at a given height to stop doing alive groups and bring all competitors in the rotation.

Adding/Editing Heights

Occasionally you may need to update or add new heights, especially if an athlete makes it far in the competition.

To add, remove, or edit a height, open the menu () in the top left and choose Add/Edit Heights.

Add/Edit Single Heights

To edit an existing height, tap on the height. Change the height and choose Save & Back to Heights. If an athlete has already jumped at this height, you'll see a warning asking you if you're sure you'd like to edit that height.

To add a height, choose  Add a Height. Enter the new height, and then decide whether you'd like the height inserted in the height sequence, or added to the end of the height sequence.

To remove a height, swipe left and choose Remove.

Add a Height Progression

Sometimes, especially in combined events, you don't know the starting height until the event is about to begin. The app only allows this at the start of an event

To add a height progression, you must first click Delete All Heights. Confirm that you want to remove all heights. This will delete any results you have. Then, click Add a Progression.
Enter the following 4 values. After entering all 4, the list of heights appears below. Confirm that the heights are correct, then click Add Progression.

Enter these 4 values. After entering all 4, the list of heights appears below. Confirm that the heights are correct, then click "Add Progression"

  1. Starting Meters or Feet
  2. Starting Centimeters or Inches
  3. Increment in Centimeters or Inches
  4. Number of Heights

Click the Back button in the top left to go back to the event.

Jump Offs

Read our separate article about jump offs.

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