Introduction to AthleticFIELD

During the 2018-19 season, only 3% of meets on AthleticLIVE used our field scoreboard, and less than 1 percent were high school meets. In 2022, 22% of all AthleticLIVE meets showed live field results. We hope that this multi-platform app (Android and iOS) will help many more meets take advantage of live field results.

Field athletes and spectators deserve the same instant access to results as track athletes.

This page explains how the AthleticFIELD App works at a high level.

The Basics

Because this is an Android and iOS app, timers can purchase devices or recruit tech-savvy people at each meet who can enter results on their own devices.

AthleticFIELD synchronizes with your meet management system to import start lists and export entries. This synchronization can happen Online or with a Local Network. There are pros and cons to both.

Online Synchronization

Importing start lists and exporting results requires an internet connection. Once start lists are in the app, the app can operate without internet. If there is a momentary blip in internet service, results collection will be unaffected.

Online synchronization is great for meets that will use other people's devices and don't have an internal network. It's also quite useful if you want to do live field events quickly without a bunch of setup.

Read the docs for Online Synchronization >>

Local Synchronization

Importing start lists and exporting results does not require an internet connection. We highly recommend an internal network if you use Local Synchronization.

AthleticLIVE Local, our middleware system, exists on a computer with access to your internal network. It reads meet management exports, allows you to configure events, and runs a server so your app can import start lists and send results without using the internet.

The AthleticLIVE Local computer should have internet access. Real-time results are streamed to AthleticLIVE through this computer.

Local synchronization is great if you have an internal network and your own devices. Local synchronization is required if you want to send data to local scoreboards.

Read the docs for Local Synchronization >>


Configure the event's measurement, attempts, qualification standards, and vertical heights on a single page before synchronizing to individual devices. It takes just a couple minutes to set up all of your meet's field events.


As you enter results into AthleticFIELD, real-time results appear on AthleticLIVE.

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