Introduction to AthleticLIVE Local

If you're timing more than a few events per season, you owe it to yourself to start using AthleticLIVE Local. AthleticLIVE Local is AthleticLIVE's middleware software, which acts as a translator between your timing and meet management software and AthleticLIVE. A normal AthleticLIVE meet that doesn't use AthleticLIVE Local requires each machine on your timing and results network to be directly connected to the internet, and each machine requires separate upload credentials that must be updated for each meet. An elaborate setup might end up looking like this, with several machines that require configuration before each meet.

AthleticLIVE Local's main function is to ensure you don't have to change credentials, IP addresses, or other settings in your FAT and Meet Management software for every single meet you time. Configure all your software one time, and never touch it again. Here's an example of what the same setup as above might look like with AthleticLIVE Local in use.

Download AthleticLIVE Local from our AthleticLIVE Downloads page, and set it up using the information at Install and Operate AthleticLIVE Local.

Some timers prefer never to have their main timing computer never access the internet due to concerns about viruses, updates, and other computer stability concerns. With AthleticLIVE Local, your timing computer never needs to be connected to the web! It simply passes along scoreboard data to another computer running AthleticLIVE Local which passes all info to the web itself.

When you use AthleticLIVE Local to time a meet, you simply start the AthleticLIVE Local software, select the meet you're timing from a list, then start all your timing and results software.

In addition to allowing much quicker meet setup and configuration, AthleticLIVE Local allows you take advantage of many of the more advanced features AthleticLIVE has to offer, including:

  • FinishLynx image export: FinishLynx users can export photo finish images from their line-scan and forward facing cameras directly to AthleticLIVE to show a photo finish strip as well as individual finisher images on each result.

  • FinishLynx LIF scoreboard for Cross Country: If a Cross Country race has more than 400 runners, FinishLynx will not be able to send data for all runners through its normal scoreboard interface. AthleticLIVE Local will read the FinishLynx results file directly and post results using the data contained in that file. This also allows you to collect splits using separate copies of FinishLynx on separate computers in order to keep your finish results clean, correct, and uncluttered.
  • HyTek Database Connection: Take the hassle out of setting up and timing big meets with the Hytek Database Connection option! Instead of uploading team lists, rosters, heat sheets, schedules, performance lists, qualifiers, and results via FTP, you can simply connect AthleticLIVE Local to your Hytek's Meet Manager database! All teams, rosters, seeding changes, event changes, session changes, round qualifiers, results, and other facets of your meet are read by AthleticLIVE Local and published quickly and automatically.
  • ResulTV Integration: AthleticLIVE Local can push live Cross Country team scores data, as well as data from the AthleticFIELD app directly to ResulTV. This allows you to display up-to-the-second team scores for cross country races, or jump-by-jump and throw-by-throw data on in-venue scoreboard displays.

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