ResulTV Scoreboards

Combining AthleticLive Local and AthleticField gives you the power to feed live field event information directly to ResulTV scoreboards in your venue. This document will walk you through how to set that up, and what options you have for display.

This feature is only available when you're using the Local Sync method of configuration for AthleticField.


This feature is only available when you use Local Sync.

LSS and RSS Files

Sending data to ResulTV is easy with AthleticFIELD and AthleticLIVE Local.

AthleticFIELD works with most LSS and RSS files. If you already have a scoreboard display process in place; we encourage you to try that. If not, we recommend the following:

LSS File: AthleticField_RTV_Results.lss

RSS File: AthleticField_RTV_Results.rss (Place in C:\ResulTV).

RTV Example Layout: AthleticField_RTV_Results.rtv

AthleticLIVE Local

All of your scoreboard data goes from the device to AthleticLIVE Local. AthleticLIVE Local forwards it to the appropriate place. This gives you centralized scoreboard administration. You don't have to worry about changing scoreboard connection settings on individual devices.

Create a New Scoreboard

  1. On the left hand side, click "AthleticFIELD App".
  2. Create a new scoreboard.
  3. Active?: Check to turn the scoreboard on.
  4. Name: Enter the administrative name of the board.
  5. Attach Scoreboard to Round: Which round should send scoreboard data to this board?
  6. Display Type: Individual or Standings.
  7. Connection:
    1. Type: TCP or UDP. If you have "Network (listen)" selected in your RTV source, use TCP"
    2. Code Set: Select Single Byte.
    3. IP Address: IP Address of your ResulTV machine.
    4. Port: Port for the corresponding source in ResulTV.

Quick Change

From the Field App Overview page, you can quickly turn scoreboards on and off and change rounds. At any point, you could switch a board from the Girls Long Jump to the Boys Triple Jump.

Test It Out

Sync an event to your device and make a mark. If everything works, you will see all of the available fields in the RTV layout. Now you configure to meet your needs.

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