Scoreboard Running Time with FinishLynx

This article explains how to send running time from FinishLynx to AthleticLIVE.


The following software is required to send FinishLynx running time to AthleticLIVE.

  1. FinishLynx
  2. FinishLynx NCP Plugin

Step 1

In the top FinishLynx menu, click on "Scoreboard". Then, click "Options".

Step 2

Configure your scoreboard with the following steps. Refer to the screenshot below for an example of how your scoreboard configuration should look.

  1. Click "New"
  2. Set Script to the Script noted on your Meet Details page. If the script does not appear in your dropdown, download it now. Put it into your C:\Lynx folder. Restart FinishLynx.
  3. Set Name to "ALive Runtime"
  4. Set Serial Port to "Network (UDP)"
  5. Set Port to the Port noted on your Meet Details Page
  6. Set IP Address to "".
  7. Set Running Time to "Normal".
  8. Click on the Options down arrow. Make sure Send Results if Armed is unchecked.
  9. Set Results to "Off"
  10. Restart FinishLynx.
  11. In the top FinishLynx menu, click on Scoreboard. Then, click Options.
  12. You should see "Running" in the Status column next to "ALive Runtime".

Example Settings Screen

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