Choosing a Live XC Scoreboard

If you want to take your XC fans' experience up a notch, setting up a live results scoreboard is the way to do it! A live XC scoreboard is the mobile-device equivalent to a big stadium display. Instead of waiting for the race to finish and the results to be processed through your meet management software before finally being displayed when the event concludes, you can keep your fans engaged by displaying placing, results, splits and team scoring instantaneously! All data is updated in real-time, and AthleticLIVE continuously recalculates finish scores and split scores as the data comes in.

Displaying live XC scoreboards requires the use of FinishLynx—either with or without an integrated chip system. You'll also need to purchase a Pro Meet Credit.

AthleticLIVE offers two different scoreboard interfaces for XC. One uses FinishLynx's scoreboard interface (Simple XC Scoreboard), and is great for small, simple races. The other is a more powerful interface that actually reads the FinishLynx results files (known as LIFs, or Lynx Information Files) directly, which allows for a more feature-rich display, but requires more setup on the part of the timer. We call this a LIF scoreboard.

When creating your meet listing, you'll be prompted to select the kind of scoreboard you want.

A Simple XC Scoreboard is great under the following conditions:

  • Simple races (maximum 1 split point)
  • Under 250 athletes in a single races
  • Timer is not using AthleticLIVE Local

A Simple XC Scoreboard will:

  • Show each finisher's time online the moment the time appears in FinishLynx
  • Show live team scores that update with each finisher
  • Display the athlete's last split
To use a Simple XC Scoreboard, you'll need the FinishLynx Network COM Port plugin, which will allow scoreboard data to be sent over a network. The Network COM Port plugin is available for purchase from FinishLynx. Find more info here.

Benefits of using a LIF Scoreboard:

  • Show a split grid, including place changes, that updates with each split.
  • Show split team scores in real-time
  • Allows you to record splits and finishes on separate computers
  • Allows you to edit any split
  • Display data for more than 250 runners
  • Allowed for use of FinishLynx's Time Trial Plugin to show accurate elapsed times for each wave in a race with wave starts.
If you're recording splits, AthleticLIVE highly recommends going to the extra effort of setting up a LIF Scoreboard. The amount of data available to your viewers dramatically increases with a LIF Scoreboard.

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