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AthleticAPP is a communications platform and engagement network for Track & Field and Cross Country teams, athletes, parents, and fans. AthleticAPP also provides the platform for competition in virtual meets.

Compete from Anywhere
Find and enter virtual events from across the country, record your workouts, and compete with others across the country!
With AthleticAPP, you can
  • Find and enter virtual Track & XC meets
  • Record and submit virtual meet results
  • Record your runs and log your workouts

Communicate with Your Team
A single hub for announcements and conversations

Text chains and email threads can be almost too much to manage during the season. With AthleticAPP, we've created an all-in-one solution for you to connect with your athletes, coaches and parents. With the team announcements features, you can make public or team-only posts to share updates or team business. With the conversations features, you can have one-on-one or group conversations with any team member or members. You can pre-define groups for quick access later.

Share Your Hard Work

AthleticAPP offers both coaches and athletes a chance to share their hard work on team and individual feeds. Had an amazing workout today? Create a post, attach a picture and share. Did one of your athletes earn a big PR? Post to your team page with a video and a celebratory message. Learn about posting to your profile

Connect with Teammates and Rivals

We've made it easy with AthleticAPP to follow your athletes and teammates, your team, and even your rivals. has always offered a robust ecosystem to see what your team and competitors are achieving, but AthleticAPP takes those abilities to another level. Learn about connecting with teams and athletes

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Communicate and compete anywhere in the world.

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