Following and Connecting with Teams and Athletes

As an athlete, parent, or fan of a team, you'll get the best experience from AthleticAPP if you follow or connect with your team(s). If you're a fan of a particular athlete, you can follow that individual as well.

Connecting with Your Team via Team Code

All athletes and parents need to connect with their team via Team Code, as this enables the core AthleticAPP functions and more:

  1. Communicate with coaches, athletes, and parents. See Conversations in AthleticAPP.
  2. View team-only posts.
  3. Register & pay for meets you or your athlete are competing in (including virtual events).
  4. Receive notifications of assigned workouts.

So what is it?

Connecting with your team via Team Code connects your account to your team's roster. For example, it verifies that the account owned by a "John Smith" is actually the same Johnny Smith who is on Central High School's roster.

If you are a coach on, you are already connected to your team. Instructions for getting team members connected can be found at Connecting Athletes to Your Team via Team Code.

How do I connect?

If you are an athlete or a parent, ask your coach for the Team Code and then enter the code into AthleticAPP. This will connect you as a verified team member. To simply follow the team, see Following Your Favorite Teams and Athletes, below.

Once you've obtained your team's code, enter it into AthleticAPP. You can enter the code before you log in by tapping Have a code? on the login screen.

Alternatively, you can enter the code once you're logged in to the app. Tap your picture or initials at the top right of the screen to bring up the main menu. (If you don't see your initials or picture, tap the icon first.) From the main menu, tap Enter Team Code.

Following Your Favorite Teams and Athletes

If you're a fan of a particular athlete or team, you can follow them using AthleticAPP. Following a team or an athlete means you can see public posts by teams or athletes. These can include results, PRs, photos, or whatever else the athlete or team chooses to share. Additionally, for someone to start a one-on-one conversation with you using AthleticAPP, you must follow them first—unless you're both connected to the same team via Team Code.

Whether you're following a team or an athlete, finding them works in the same manner. Tap the Search () icon at the bottom of the screen, and type the name of the team or athlete you're looking for.

Once you've found the team or athlete you're looking for, tap on the name to be taken to the profile or team page. If you're searching for a team, you'll need to select which sport you're looking for (Indoor Track & Field, Outdoor Track & Field, or Cross Country). Once you arrive on the team or athlete's profile page, tap Follow. You can then choose if you'd like to receive notifications of this team or athlete's activity.

That's it! Now you will receive updates in your dashboard feed from this team or athlete.

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