Add Athletes/Parents to Team via Team Code

Why use your Team Code?

Use your Team Code to quickly add athletes and parents to your team's roster.

Team Code connected team members can:

  1. Communicate with coaches, athletes, and parents. See Conversations in AthleticAPP.
  2. View team-only posts.
  3. Register & pay for meets they are competing in (including virtual events).
  4. Receive notifications of workouts assigned to them.

The Team Code verifies an athlete's or parent's identity. For example, it verifies that the account owned by a “John Smith” is actually the same Johnny Smith who is on Central High School's roster.

Note: anybody with coach access to your team on is already connected.

Team QR Code in AthleticAPP

As a coach, the easiest way to connect or verify team members is through AthleticAPP itself. Log in to the app and tap on your photo or initials at the top right of the home screen. Tap "Team Codes" and then "Share Code" for the correct team.

This will open a QR Code that athletes and parents can scan with their phones (using their phone's camera or other QR scanner).

Scanning the QR code will install AthleticAPP (if needed), allow them to sign in or sign up for a new account, and then connect the verified user to your team.

An alternative to showing the Team QR Code on your phone is to print the Team QR Code flyer to post at practice or distribute to athletes and parents. Click here to print now.

Do not publish your Team Code publicly (on social media, etc.). Your Team Code should only be shared with verified team members and parents. If you feel your Team Code has been compromised and needs to be reset, contact support using the button at the top right of any page.

Learn about more ways to share your Team Code from AthleticAPP or your Athlete Manager.

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