Posting to Your Profile

This article is intended for parents, fans and athletes. If you're a coach looking for information on communications options with your team, see Posting to Your Team's Feed.

In addition to using AthleticAPP's Conversations feature to message directly with individual users or groups of people, users can create profile posts to share photos, videos, news, and results with anybody who's interested. Creating a profile post is as simple as a few taps.

Once you've logged in to AthleticAPP, tap on the Create Post icon ().

Enter your post, and tap the Post icon () in the top-right corner. If you'd like to attach photo or video to the post, use the and icons at the bottom of the screen to take new photos or videos, or attach media currently on your mobile device.

Posts made to your profile are visible to anybody who happens to visit your profile page. Additionally, your posts will appear on your followers' feeds.

In addition to user-created posts, creates automated posts on your behalf anytime a meet you participated in has results uploaded to If you set a PR, the post gets tagged with a logo indicating you set a new PR in the event. This post will be pushed to all your followers. If your meet timer uses the AthleticLive live results suite, your post may even include a finish line picture!

If you'd prefer that your posts not be visible to the general public, see How to Make Your Profile Private.

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