How to Make Your Profile Private

Make Profile Private

By default, all posts you make to your profile, including workouts, virtual meet submissions, and general posts are visible to any user. If you'd prefer that your posts only be visible to your teammates and coaches, follow these steps.

First, you'll need to access your account settings. From any page, click on your initials or picture in the top right corner of the screen.

From the menu that opens, choose  Account Settings.

Once on your Account Settings page, choose Keep My Profile Private under the Personal Information heading.

Once you check the box, you'll see a confirmation message at the bottom of the screen indicating that your changes have been saved.

Removing a Follower

Once your profile is private (see instructions above), you can remove followers by opening your follower list on your profile:

Once open, first unfollow the user (if necessary) by clicking "Following" (#1), and then click the "X" next to the user (#2):

Keep your profile set as "Private" to prevent users from following you again.

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