Why Can't I Delete an Athlete?

Athletes who have competed in a meet and have results posted on Athletic.net cannot have their performance history deleted from Athletic.net. An athlete's results in a meet and their profile page are inextricably linked. If an athlete's results from a meet were to be deleted, there would be a hole in every place that the athlete competed. Such a hole would affect meet placing, tie-breaking, scoring, and rankings at the local, state, and national level.

If an athlete is no longer competing for a particular team, coaches may choose to deactivate the athlete. This will remove the athlete from the current roster, but any historical performance data will remain intact. For more information, see Adding, Deactivating, Reactivating, and Moving Athletes.

The only way an athlete is truly deleted from Athletic.net is if the athlete has no results associated with him or her. Then, if a coach chooses to deactivate that athlete from their roster, the athlete will be truly deleted. As soon as any performance data of any kind is loaded into Athletic.net, the athlete becomes permanent.

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