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This article is intended for coaches. If you're an athlete, parent, or fan, see Posting to Your Profile.

Included with the new AthleticAPP is a suite of communications tools to help coaches communicate with their athletes and parents. In addition to the Conversations feature, which allows one-on-one and small-group communications, coaches can also post to their team pages. Creating posts on a team page allows a coach to make posts that are visible to all, such as team schedule and events, or posts that are only visible to members of the team (both athletes and parents), such as what time the bus is leaving, or when uniforms are due to be returned.

The key advantage that AthleticAPP has to any third party communications platform is that your roster already exists on Additionally, you'll notice that many of your athletes are already shown in AthleticAPP as requesting access to your team, and only need to be connected to the team using your team code. Onboarding athletes is a very simple process. They simply need to create an account. During the account creation process, they'll be prompted to claim their athlete bio. Once they do that, all you need to do as a coach is share the team code with them. See Connecting Athletes to Your Team Using the App for more information.

To create a post, log into the AthleticAPP, then tap on the Create Post icon ( )

On the next screen, you'll need to choose which profile you'd like to post to. You'll see options to post to your personal profile and each team profile you coach for. If you coach a team through multiple seasons (such as Indoor Track & Field, Outdoor Track & Field, or Cross Country), you'll see the team listed multiple times. Select the correct sport as well as the correct team.

Once you choose where your post will appear, you'll need to create your post. If you'd like to attach photo or video to the post, use the and icons at the bottom of the screen to take new photos or videos, or attach media currently on your mobile device.

If you post to your team's profile, you'll have the choice to make the post either public or private:

  • Public: The post will be visible to the public on the team's page on, and will appear on coaches', athletes', parents' and followers' feeds, making it an effective way to make public team announcements and get the information in the hands of people that matter immediately.
  • Team-Only: The post will be visible to coaches, as well as athletes and parents who have connected to the team using the team code. This is an effective method of making private announcements that need not be shared beyond the team. For more information regarding connecting athletes and parents to your team, see Connecting Athletes to Your Team Using the App.

Start posting today and make AthleticAPP the center of your team's communications!

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