Configure a Live Track Scoreboard with FinishLynx

This article explains how to send track scoreboard data from FinishLynx to AthleticLIVE. Turn everyone's phone into a online mobile scoreboard.

NOTE: This is for track only. Click here to set up a FinishLynx cross country scoreboard.


The following software is required to connect FinishLynx with AthleticLIVE.

  1. FinishLynx
  2. FinishLynx NCP Plugin

Step 1

In the top FinishLynx menu, click on "Scoreboard". Then, click "Options".

Step 2

Configure your scoreboard with the following steps. Refer to the screenshot below for an example of how your scoreboard configuration should look.

  1. Click "New"
  2. Set Script to the Script noted on your Meet Details page. If the script does not appear in your dropdown, download it now. Put it into your C:\Lynx folder. Restart FinishLynx.
  3. Set Name to "ALive Results"
  4. Set Serial Port to "Network (connect)"
  5. Set Port to the Port noted on your Meet Details Page
  6. Set IP Address to "".
  7. Set Running Time to "Off".
  8. Set Results to "Auto"
  9. Check Always Send Place
  10. Uncheck Paging.
  11. Check Include First Name.
  12. Click OK.
  13. Restart FinishLynx.
  14. In the top FinishLynx menu, click on Scoreboard. Then, click Options.
  15. You should see "Running" in the Status column next to "ALive Results".

Example Settings Screen

Step 3

Allow FinishLynx to send 32KB of data in one message. This prevents scoreboard freezing when lots of splits come through at once.

The hidden Scoreboards -> PortBuffer setting must be set to 32768. To get to this setting:

  1. Click "File"
  2. Hold Ctrl + Shift and click "Options".
  3. Click the "+" next to "Scoreboards".
  4. Click on PortBuffer.
  5. Set to 32768.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Restart FinishLynx.

Step 4

Make sure FinishLynx calculates delta time from the previous result. This is default behavior, so you probably don't need to make any changes. But, if you notice anything weird happening with the scoreboard, check this setting.

  1. Click "File"
  2. Hold Ctrl + Shift and click "Options".
  3. Click the "+" next to "Events".
  4. Click the "+" next to "Results".
  5. Click the "+" next to "Delta".
  6. Click the "+" next to "Defaults".
  7. Click on "From".
  8. Set to 0".
  9. Click OK.
  10. Restart FinishLynx.



  1. Set Serial Port to "Network (connect)" instead of "Network (UDP)"
  2. Use tmioV2.lss instead of tmioV1.lss.

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