Advanced Track Setup (Compiled and Heat-by-heat Results)

Before November 2018, the FinishLynx track scoreboard only showed results/entries in FinishLynx at any given time.

With the November 26, 2018 update, you can show compiled and heat-by-heat results from FinishLynx data. As you mark results in FinishLynx, compiled and heat standings will automatically update on the live scoreboard and event pages.

Here's how to use of this new functionality:


  1. Configure your FinishLynx track scoreboard
  2. Upload a schedule from your meet management system. This is required to show live scoreboard data on event pages. (Upload a schedule from HyTek)
  3. Upload teams from your meet management system. (Upload Teams from HyTek)
  4. When you create your meet, check "Do you want to show compiled and heat-by-heat results from FinishLynx?"

Timer Notes

  • You should attempt to finalize all heat results in FinishLynx. This functionality won't work well if you read half the race then go to the next heat.
  • You can upload heat-by-heat results from your meet management system. They will overwrite any heat-by-heat results previously received from FinishLynx. Therefore, if a result needs to change after you closed FinishLynx, you can correct it by uploading heat results.


What are compiled results?

If you are on Heat 10 of the Girls 100 Meter Dash, compiled results will show all results from Heats 1-9 in order.

What are heat by heat results?

If you are on Heat 3 of the Boys 800 Meter Run, visitors can choose to view results from either heat 1 or 2 while heat 3 is in progress.

How do I delete results?

You can delete a scoreboard and all compiled/heat-by-heat results by going to:

  1. Your admin meet detail page.
  2. Click on the "Scoreboards" button.
  3. Click "Delete Scoreboard" and Confirm.

All compiled/heat-by-heat results are now deleted and you can start from scratch.

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