Track and Field Best Practices

Follow these best practices to give viewers an up-to-the-minute snapshot of the entries and results of your meet.

4 days before the meet

  1. Create your meet in AthleticLIVE
  2. Configure HyTek to work with your meet
  3. If you're using the live scoreboard, configure it:
    1. Configure a FinishLynx Scoreboard
    2. Configure Compiled and Heat-by-Heat Results from a FinishLynx Scoreboard
    3. Configure Scoreboard Running Time with FinishLynx
    4. Configure an Eagle Eye Scoreboard
    5. Configure a FlashTiming Scoreboard
  4. If you're using a live field scoreboard with Field Lynx, configure it:
    1. Configure a FieldLynx Scoreboard

3 days before the meet

  1. Distribute your meet link to coaches. Let them know where to get entries and results.

2 days before the meet

  1. Upload teams. If you're using HyTek, this is important. There are three separate names for each team in HyTek: a long name, a short name, and an abbreviation. Uploading teams ensures that AthleticLIVE knows which three names are associated with each team. This is required if you want to [upload heat by heat results].
  2. Upload rosters. Use competitor numbers to ensure that you never get truncated names from uploaded Hytek results.
  3. Upload entries. Once you've uploaded entries, viewers can start setting up notifications.
  4. Upload heat sheets as soon as they are available.
  5. Upload a meet schedule at least 48 hours before the meet begins. This will allow people to see the order of events. If you use a live scoreboard, you should upload a schedule. This allows live data to appear on event pages.
  6. Configure automatic tweeting of the top 3 results in each event

Before the meet starts

  1. Re-upload entries and heat sheets to ensure any changes appear on AthleticLIVE.
  2. Post flyers around the meet with your logo and a link to results. AthleticLIVE can create a flyer for you with 2 days notice.
  3. Ask the announcer to say that results are available on AthleticLIVE

During the meet

  1. Upload heat by heat results after every event is finished. Use the F11 key.
  2. Upload results after every event is finished. Use the F12 key.
  3. For combined events, press F12 on an individual sub-event to upload results for that sub-event. We generate the combined spreadsheet automatically. Once the event is over, press F10 on an individual sub-event to upload points.
  4. Ensure that your Web Preferences are set to include the data you want to show. Here's our recommended setup. Go to Run -> Preferences -> Web Real-Time to edit these settings.

After the meet

  • AthleticLIVE can provide statistics upon request, such as
    1. Number of pageviews
    2. Number of people that viewed the site
    3. Number of messages sent
    4. Most Popular Pages
  • If you noticed any bugs or have an idea for a new feature, contact us.

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