Upload a HyTek Roster File

Using competitor numbers and uploading rosters ensures that you don't get any truncated names from HyTek result uploads.


  1. Upload a team file. The Upload Rosters button will not appear until you upload a team file.

Steps in HyTek

  1. In Run -> Preferences -> Web Real Time, check "Include Competitor Number". By doing this, we can match athletes by competitor number and prevent truncated names.
  2. From the Home screen, click on Athletes.
  3. Click on Comp # to assign competitor numbers if you have not already done so. The default settings in the Competitor Numbering dialog box are fine. CLick OK.
  4. In the top menu, Click Export to HTML.
  5. Choose the directory in which to save the file.
  6. Click OK. NOTE: This export can take awhile if you have thousands of athletes, and there is no loading bar to indicate that the export is still happening. You must wait for HyTek to say "[DIRECTORY]\Athlete List.html created".

Steps in AthleticLIVE

  1. Login at https://admin.athletic.live.
  2. Find your meet and go to its meet detail page
  3. Click the gray Upload Rosters button.
  4. Click Choose File and choose the file you just exported from HyTek.
  5. Click Upload File.
  6. Your rosters will be added to AthleticLIVE within a minute.

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