HyTek Division by Team meets with FTP Uploads

This article explains how to prepare AthleticLIVE for a Division by Team HyTek Meet.

In order to make your Division by Team meet show teams, events, and results correctly, please complete the following steps before uploading any events, entries, or results.

Step 1: Configure Divisions

  1. During the [meet creation process], check "Division by Team".
  2. Enter the division abbreviation AND the division name exactly as it's entered in HyTek.

Step 2: Upload Teams

Click here for instructions on how to upload teams

Step 3: Upload a Schedule

Click here for instructions on how to upload a schedule

By uploading entries, you create a "parent event" for each division's results.

From the events page, viewers can access results in two ways:

  • From the "parent event". It will list a link to each division.
  • From the events page. "Parent events" are listed alongside division events.

Once those 3 steps are complete, you're all set!

Step 4: Web Real Time Preferences

  1. Go to Run -> Preferences -> Web Real Time
  2. Uncheck "Results By Heat/Flight and Compiled"

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