Common HyTek Upload Problems

TMobile does not allow FTP

You cannot upload data with TMobile. Find another provider or consider using the HyTek Database Connection.

HyTek is stuck on "Sending Event Result to the Web..."

If the blue bar above results has said "Sending Event Result to the Web..." for a few seconds, HyTek is having trouble uploading results. This is usually due to poor internet connection. If this message doesn't disappear in 60 seconds, try exiting and re-opening HyTek.

FTP Upload problem

If you see this dialog box, your computer is not connected to the internet.

Cannot upload. The User Name or Password may be invalid

If you see this dialog box, your FTP credentials are not working. Refer to your Meet Details page and try typing them in again.

Connection Refused or Timeout

If you see either of these two pop-ups after trying to upload results, check your internet connection, and try closing and re-opening HyTek. If that doesn't work, contact our Support Center at and we'll try our best to help.

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