What is AthleticLIVE?

AthleticLIVE allows timers of any size to make results available in a timely manner. Upload results from your meet management system and F.A.T. system and AthleticLIVE will display them in a user-friendly format on any device.

Real-Time Results vs Final Results

"Live" results mean different things to different people. AthleticLIVE supports two kinds of "live" results:

  • Real-Time Results: Up-to-the-second results as each person crosses a split point or the finish line.
  • Final Results: Uploaded after the event is finished. Assumes the timer has had a chance to review and confirm all results.

To provide the best experience, you'll want to provide both real-time and final results to your athletes, coaches, and spectators.

Getting Started

  1. Sign up for an Athletic.net account.
  2. Decide if you want a Standard Meet or a Professional meet. AthleticLIVE has multiple pricing tiers so you can cater results delivery to a tri meet or a 70 team invitational.

Standard Meet - as low as $19

  • $19 if your meet collects Athletic.net Entries and shows ads
  • $29 if you do entries OR ads
  • $39 otherwise

Our most straightforward offering, but still a compelling way for people to view final results. Upload any data from your meet management system, including entries, heat sheets, schedules, final results, and heat by heat results. Features include:

  • Allow people to search for entries and results by athlete, team, or event name.
  • View all of one team's entries and results on their team page.
  • If your meet uses Athletic.net entries, you can show team logos and personal/season records from the Athletic.net database.
  • Send Automated Result Tweets to the twitter account of your choice after you upload final results.
  • Conduct Protest Management: Show results as unofficial until a specific interval has passed. Mark an event as under protest.
  • Put notes on the main meet page or event pages to communicate with athletes, coaches, and spectators.

Professional Meet - as low as $49

  • $49 if your meet collects Athletic.net Entries and shows ads
  • $64 if you do entries OR ads
  • $79 otherwise

Incorporate real-time results from your F.A.T. system. This level includes everything in the Standard meet plus:

  • Integrate your F.A.T. system. As you mark splits or finish times, they appear on all devices.
  • Provide text, email, and tweet notifications for athletes, teams, and events when final results are uploaded. Coaches can get an email whenever one of their athletes has a new result, and athletes could get a text message with their official result.
  • For qualifying events, show up-to-the-second qualifiers and the bubble time, the time that someone needs to run to get into qualifying position.

Live Field Results Add-On

Provide real-time field results with FieldLynx. Add this onto a Standard Meet or Professional Meet. View compiled and flight standings after each throw/jump.

Try out AthleticLIVE

First, create a meet on AthleticLIVE. During the meet creation process, you'll be able to purchase the meet credit. If it is your first meet, contact ben@athletic.net to get a free meet credit and try out our functionality risk-free.

After you create the meet, you'll be provided with credentials to upload data from your meet management and F.A.T. systems. These two articles explain best practices for connecting your systems with AthleticLIVE

Pricing & Discounts

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Site Supporter

If you are a site supporter, your first Standard meet of the year is free. You must contact ben@athletic.net to claim this free meet.

< 10 meets in a 12 month period

If you time 1-9 meets in season, get discounts for using Athletic.net entries and allowing us to show ads on your meet.

>= 10 meets in a 12 month period.

If you time 10 or more meets in 12 months, contact ben@athletic.net for Enterprise pricing. In addition to bulk pricing, you can show all of your meets on a custom domain (ex. live.yourdomain.com) with your logo/colors on every page.


Please feel free to send any questions to ben@athletic.net.

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