Your First AthleticLIVE Track & Field Meet

AthleticLIVE is a powerful software suite that gives you many options for how you'd like to display your live results for a track meet. However, because of the numerous options available, setting up and running your first meet can be daunting! This article is a “getting started” guide designed to teach you exactly what to expect the first time you run a meet with AthleticLIVE.

Create the Meet Listing on AthleticLIVE

The first step to showing live results for any meet with AthleticLIVE is to create the meet listing on AthleticLIVE. This involves making decisions about how your meet will display results, what kinds of add-ons you'd like to use, and what meet management software and FAT software you'll be using. Additionally, you'll provide details about when and where the meet is, divisions within the meet, and how the meet should be scored.

Integrate with Your Meet Management Software

AthleticLIVE integrates tightly with your meet management software. The meet events, athletes, schedule, and results are all displayed on AthleticLIVE via data transmitted from your meet management software. For Track & Field, AthleticLIVE currently supports Hytek's Meet Manager and DirectAthletics MeetPro.

Set up Your Meet

In your meet management software, you'll need to configure the meet much as you normally would, including setting up the events, downloading/importing entries, and seeding the meet.

Several features in AthleticLIVE require the use of competitor numbers. If you don't normally assign competitor numbers, make sure you get in the habit! Just ensure each competitor is assigned a unique number—no specific sequences are necessary. AthleticLIVE's software uses competitor numbers as an internal ID to refer to competitors in various parts of the software, and a lack of competitor numbers can cause unintended behavior.

Configure FTP and Upload Meet Information

You'll need to upload meet structure, athlete, and team data from your meet management software in order to successfully display results. AthleticLIVE uses reports from your meet management software to display the data. Before the meet, you'll need to upload some data manually, and then configure FTP uploads to upload the rest of the data.

Some T-Mobile hotspot users have reported trouble with FTP connectivity. If you experience difficulty using FTP when using a T-Mobile hotspot, you'll either need to use a different network, or consider using AthleticLIVE Local.
Configure FTP Uploads for Your Meet Management Software

The core of AthleticLive's functionality is to display meet results once they are entered into your meet management software and you publish them. Both Hytek's Meet Manager and MeetPro use FTP uploads to send event data, heat sheets, and results to various online display utilities, and this is how AthleticLIVE receives data. You'll need to configure your meet management software to upload meet data via FTP with the correct settings.

Upload Teams and Rosters

Depending upon the type of report your meet management software creates, it may refer to teams in one of a number of different ways, and may also truncate longer names. To ensure that results and names display correctly, you'll need to manually upload team and roster reports to the AthleticLIVE administration portal. In HyTek's Meet Manager, these are two separate files. In MeetPro, they are condensed into one file.

Upload Event Schedule and Performance Lists/Heat Sheets

Once you've uploaded your team and roster files, you'll need to upload your event schedule and heat sheets or performance lists. These reports are uploaded using the FTP capability of your meet management software and allow your viewers to see an online meet program.

Integrate with Your FAT Software (Live Track Scoreboard)

If you selected a Professional Meet, you'll want to integrate AthleticLIVE with your FAT software. Integrating your FAT software allows results to be displayed to viewers as soon as you evaluate the finish in your timing software, rather than once the event has been processed by your meet management software. AthleticLIVE has the capability to display track results directly from FinishLynx, Flash Timing, and Eagle Eye, as soon as each runner's finish time is evaluated. Additionally, you can display the current race time to your viewers if you use FinishLynx or Eagle Eye.

In addition to live track scoreboards, AthleticLIVE offers live field scoreboards as well! Your fans can view jump-by-jump and throw-by-throw results from field events and keep an eye on up-to-the-minute standings in their favorite field event. AthleticLIVE can integrate with FieldLynx or with the new AthleticFIELD officiating app for field events. And as a bonus, you don't ever have to manually enter a field results sheet again! Learn more about AthleticFIELD

During the Meet

Once your meet begins, you'll find that using AthleticLIVE to post results isn't at all disruptive to your normal “timing rhythm.” Depending on how your meet management software is configured, you might not notice any difference at all!

Without a Live Track Scoreboard

Without a live track scoreboard, the flow of data is simple. Once results are entered into your meet management software, you publish the event results using your meet management software's FTP functions.

Hytek's Meet Manager

To publish results for a particular event in Hytek's Meet Manager, access the Run menu, and open the event you'd like to publish. Once the event is open, press the F12 key. The blue status bar in the middle of the screen will display Sending Event Result to Web. When the upload finishes, the message will disappear.

With Hytek's Meet Manager, you also have the option to publish the results heat-by-heat, which can allow you to publish preliminary results during an event that consists of many heats or sections. To publish the results for a particular heat, simply access the Run menu and open the event and particular heat that you'd like to publish. Once you've selected the heat you'd like to publish, press the F11 key. The blue status bar in the middle of the screen will display Sending Heat Result to Web. When the upload finishes, the message will disappear.


To publish results for a particular event in MeetPro, simply score the event or mark it as complete. If you've configured MeetPro according to the instructions in Configure Track Result and Entry Uploads with Meetpro, the results will be uploaded to AthleticLIVE automatically. You can also press CTRL+U to perform a manual live update, or choose InterfacesFTP UploadPublish from the menu bar.

At this time, AthleticLIVE doesn't support heat-by-heat uploads from MeetPro. Uploading a partially completed event from MeetPro may publish inaccurate results, since there will be no indication that the results belong to a particular heat.

With a Live Track Scoreboard

A live track scoreboard will display race results in real-time as you evaluate the finish photos or video. When the event is opened in your FAT software, it will be displayed as “Live” to your viewers. If you've configured a running time display, the clock will start when the race begins. As the race finishes and you begin to evaluate the images, times for each result you evaluate will be displayed.

Always evaluate the winning runner first. The first runner you evaluate will be displayed as the first place time until you evaluate a faster time. You will avoid misleading your viewers by evaluating the winning runner first.

With the exception of heat-by-heat and compiled results from FinishLynx (discussed below), once you close a heat in your FAT software (even if it's not fully evaluated), the heat's results will no longer be displayed on your live track scoreboard.

Once you import the results from each heat into your meet management software, you can upload the full compiled results via FTP as described above. If you're using Hytek's Meet Manager, you also have the option to upload results heat-by-heat using the F11 key.

Any and all results posted heat-by-heat or via a live track scoreboard will be overridden by complete event results uploaded by your meet management software. Corrections, judge's decisions, tiebreakers, etc, will only be applied in the final results uploaded by your meet management software.
Using Heat-by-Heat and Compiled Results From FinishLynx

More information: Show Compiled and Heat-by-Heat Results from FinishLynx

If you're a FinishLynx user, you have the option to display heat-by-heat results (e.g., viewers can see the results from heat 1 of an event while heat 2 is in progress) and compiled results (e.g., viewers can see the overall standings of the event while it is still in progress). This option is available to anybody using a live track scoreboard, and can be enabled on your Edit Meet page when you create the meet. See Live Scoreboard for more information on where to find this setting.

The key difference between this setting and other live track scoreboard configuration is its permanence. Normally, when you move from one heat to the next in your FAT software, the previous heat's results will disappear from AthleticLIVE, and will not be shown again until you upload the results for the entire event from your meet management software. If you allow AthleticLIVE to display heat-by-heat and compiled results from FinishLynx, AthleticLIVE will remember each heat's results, and continue to display them to viewers. Additionally, AthleticLIVE will compile and rank the results from each heat to display a real-time set of rankings as the event progresses.

If you use this option, you should ensure that you fully evaluate each heat in FinishLynx before moving to the next heat. This option will display erroneous event standings if you only evaluate a portion of the heat before moving to the next.

Once the event is complete, a final set of results is uploaded from your meet management software and replaces the results taken from FinishLynx, giving you the opportunity to apply tiebreakers or changes in competitor status.

AthleticLIVE also supports live field event scoreboards! Keep all your field event fans up to date by displaying jump-by-jump and throw-by-throw updates with the AthleticFIELD app!

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