AthleticNET Run Meet Overview

AthleticNET Run Meet can greatly simplify the process of preparing for competition. Run Meet integrates with the entry collection functions of an meet on the Manage Meet page so that you can quickly seed the meet, print meet programs, heat sheets, finish line sheets, and field scoring sheets, and enter results for quick publishing to

Check out this 4-minute video for an overview of AthleticNET Run Meet features:

In order to use AthleticNET Run Meet features, you'll need to collect entries for your meet using For a guide on doing so, check out Creating a Track & Field Meet #1: Introduction and go through the setup process to fully create the meet. Once you've started to accept entries, take a look at the Managing Meet Entries category in order to get specific answers on how to deal with the process.
Run Meet features are only available to hosts with a  Team Site Supporter account. For more information, see the Site Supporter Features section.

You may be interested in the following articles explaining the setup and usage of the AthleticNET Run Meet features:

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