Configure Track Result and Entry Uploads with Meetpro

This article explains how to upload results from Meetpro to AthleticLIVE for Track and Field meets.

Click here if you are setting up a Cross Country Meet.


The following is required to connect Meetpro with AthleticLIVE.

  1. Meetpro 2.0 or greater
  2. An Internet Connection
  3. No customizations to your live results HTML. (If you don't know what this is, you are fine.)

Step 1: Enter Credentials

  1. Click "Interfaces", then click "FTP Upload", then "Setup".
  2. Copy the following information from your Meet Details page into Meetpro.
    1. Copy the Host field to the Host field.
    2. Copy the Username field to the Username field.
    3. Copy the Password field to the Password field.
    4. Copy the Working Directory field to the Working Directory field.

Step 2: Configure Settings

On the same screen, make sure you have the following settings enabled:

Next to "Reports", only check what you want to upload at any given time. For example, before the meet begins, check "Start Lists" and "Performance Lists". Once the meet starts, only check "Results". MeetPro always uploads every file on any upload. So, if you finish the Girls 1600 Meter Run, Meetpro will upload that result and every other result. If you have all the boxes checked, it will take longer for our parser to sort out the files it has already parsed. Make your data appear faster by checking only what you need.

  1. Set "Gender" to All.
  2. Set "Type" to All.
  3. Set "Relay" to All.
  4. We recommend setting "Status" to whatever the final status of your events will be. If this is a scored meet, click Scored. If this is an unscored meet, click Complete.
  5. Set "Order" to Publication.
  6. Set "Session" to blank.
  7. Set "Event" to "All"
  8. Check any checkboxes you like. Our recommendations are in the screenshot below. Some stats in your Meetpro results may not appear on AthleticLIVE yet.

Example Setup Screen

{{% imgnoresp src="images/meetpro_settings_track.png" w="603" h="1015" class="center" caption="An example Meetpro FTP uploads screen." %}}

Step 3: Configure Live Upload

MeetPro can automatically upload results for you through Live Update functionalit.

  1. Click "Interfaces", then click "Live Update", then "Setup".
  2. Check "FTP" under Interfaces.
  3. Check "On Scoring" and "On Marking Event Complete".
  4. Click Save.

That's it! Click OK to upload your results to AthleticLIVE!

[Click here if you are setting up a Cross Country Meet.]: {{< ref "timers/" >}}

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