Upload Heat by Heat Results from HyTek's Meet Manager

Hytek's Meet Manager has the capability to upload results for your events heat-by-heat, which allows your viewers to keep up with the event as it's happening, rather than waiting for the entire event to conclude.

You'll need to have the following items completed in order to upload heat-by-heat results from Meet Manager:

Once you've entered the heat's results into Meet Manager, either by importing them from your FAT software or typing them in, you can upload that heat's results to AthleticLIVE.

To upload results for a particular heat, view the event and heat you want to upload on the Run the Meet screen in Meet Manager (the same screen you entered the results into). Once you've ensured the results are correct, press the F11 key. The blue bar above the heat buttons will display “Sending Heat Result to Web.” Once the message disappears, the heat was successfully uploaded and should appear on AthleticLIVE within a minute.

Having upload issues? Check out the Common Upload Problems page and see if we can help.

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