Show Live Qualifiers on the Live Scoreboard

Show viewers up-to-the-second qualifiers and the bubble time (the time an athlete must run to qualify) when you create results from FinishLynx or your meet management system. Qualifiers update with every result.


  1. Create your meet in AthleticLIVE. Check Show qualifiers on live results?.
    1. If you want to show live qualifiers with FinishLynx, you must check Do you want to show compiled and heat-by-heat results from FinishLynx?
    2. To show live qualifiers from your meet management system, upload heat-by-heat results.
    3. You must check "Always Send Place" in your FinishLynx scoreboard settings.
  2. Upload a team file.
  3. Upload events from your meet management system.

Directions for setting qualifying standards

There are two ways to set qualifying standards:

1. From HyTek

  1. If you use HyTek, go to Run -> Preferences -> Web Real-Time.
  2. Check "Advancement Formula" under the "Include in Heat Sheets / Performance List column"
  3. Upload heat sheets

2. From the AthleticLIVE admin.

  1. Login to
  2. Go to your Meet Detail page.
  3. Click "Manage Events".
  4. Click "Edit" next to any event.
  5. Under the qualifying tab, enter 2 values:
    1. Top X from Each Heat: How many people at the top of each heat qualify? If only the winner qualifies, enter 1. If the top 3 in every heat qualify, enter 3. If only the top X best times qualify and heat winners do not automatically qualify, enter 0.
    2. Total Qualifiers: How many total athletes qualify to the next round? For example, let's say you have 5 heats in a prelim. The heat winner plus the next best 3 times advance to the final. Enter "8" as 8 total people qualify to the final.
  6. NOTE: Live qualifiers can be viewed on the Compiled or By Heat view of the live scoreboard or the related event page.

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