Missing or Incorrect Results

What do you do if you're looking at your favorite athlete's bio and something just isn't right? Perhaps a meet is missing, maybe a mark is wrong!

If you see non-results-related data about an athlete that is incorrect, take a look at Correcting Athlete Information (for Athletes, Parents, and Fans).

The short answer is that due to the community-based nature of Athletic.net, meet hosts and team coaches are responsible for uploading a meet's results to Athletic.net.

What that ends up meaning is that if you see errors in an athlete's results, or results that are simply missing, you need to talk to your team's coach and/or the meet host. They are the ones responsible for uploading complete results and correcting errors. If a coach or meet host isn't using Athletic.net, encourage them to sign up! It's free and easy. Most teams are already listed on Athletic.net, even if no coach from the team has signed up for an account.

COACHES: For information on how to upload complete results from a meet and mark them as official, see the section on Uploading Results. Athletic.net makes it easy to export results from most major results software and upload them to the web in just a few clicks.

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