AthleticNET supports two types of exports from RaceTAB. You can either export your race data as a semicolon-delimited file or as a text file.

Exporting Semicolon-Delimited File

From the Events tab, choose Export.

On the Export screen, select Results/Entries, and then choose Hytek Semi-Colon Delimited.

Choose Results, ensure that the appropriate genders are selected, make sure # of Places is 0, and that all teams are unchecked (which will export all teams). Finally, click Export File.

Save the file in a place you'll easily find on your computer, and then upload the file to the results uploader using the Upload a File button.

Export as Text

From the Events tab, click Results.

On the Reports screen, choose Visible - Default from the Team Scores drop-down menu.

Highlight all the text, copy it, and paste it into the Paste Results box in the results uploader. Repeat the process for each race.

Troubleshooting checks

  1. Event names must follow standard format (Varsity Boys 100 Meter Dash) as odd variations will not be supported
  2. Wind in a heading without wind readings or NWI below will not work, please simply replace Wind in each heading with four spaces and your parse will work
  3. Absence of the word RaceTab in the first line of the header (will be there in a standard html report)

Common RaceTab Errors

  • Wind in the event heading -- but no wind or NWI in the results below (fixed in most recent version of RaceTab, go upload the new version or delete the word "Wind" from heading where the column is blank below it)
  • Non-standard event divisions - we only read the standard ones like Varsity, Junior Varsity, etc.

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