Two classes of formats are supported

  1. HTML  (or .txt) - should be pasted into .txt file first
  2. Semi-colon delimited .csv export format.

Trouble shooting checks

  1. Event names must follow standard format (Varsity Boys 100 Meter Dash) as odd variations will not be supported
  2. Wind in a heading without wind readings or NWI below will not work, please simply replace Wind in each heading with four spaces and your parse will work
  3. Absence of the word RaceTab in the first line of the header (will be there in a standard html report)

Common RaceTab Errors

  • Wind in the event heading -- but no wind or NWI in the results below (fixed in most recent version of RaceTab, go upload the new version or delete the word "Wind" from heading where the column is blank below it)
  • Non-standard event divisions - we only read the standard ones like Varsity, Junior Varsity, etc.

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