Laser Measurement

AthleticFIELD allows laser measurement through BluetoothLE. We currently integrate with three measurement devices:

  1. Mato MTS-602R - Requires an AirConsole for serial to bluetooth connection
  2. GoWin TSK 202 - Requires an AirConsole for serial to bluetooth connection
  3. Leica Disto D2
Enable Laser Measurement
  1. Open the app.
  2. Click on "Settings"
  3. Click on "Enable Laser Measurement"
  4. Click the back button at the top.
Connect to a Laser
  1. Click on Laser Settings.
  2. Enable Bluetooth and location on your device.
  3. Set your options.
    1. Click "Active"
    2. Set Connection to Bluetooth LE
    3. Choose your laser
    4. Set Measure to Point-to-point or Triangular
    5. Choose the Receiver Type (AirConsole for total stations. Leica Disto otherwise).
  4. Click Start Scan.
  5. Eventually, you should see your AirConsole or your Disto device.
  6. Click Stop Scan.
  7. Click "Connect" on the device. You'll see three dots. Once connection happens, the button will change to "Disconnect" and you'll see a green connection message.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click "Test a Laser Measurement"
  10. Click "Measure". After a couple seconds, measurement data should appear.
Set Triangulation Options

Note: Triangular laser measurement only works for horizontal throws and for total stations at this time. It does not work with Leica Distos.

  1. Load an Event
  2. Go to the event
  3. Open the menu.
  4. Click "Laser Triangulation"
  5. Select the appropriate circle radius.
  6. Click "Measure to Circle Center". After a couple seconds, you should see the measurement details.
  7. To ensure your measurement is correct, set your prism within the throwing area and measure with tape. Then, in the app, click "Test Measurement". Make sure the tape measurement and the app measurement correspond.
Measure in an Event
  1. Check athletes in, then prepare to enter a mark for an athlete.
  2. Click the wand icon in the "Mark" header.
  3. Within a couple seconds, the mark should appear.
  1. If your device moves over 20-25m away from the total station, you risk disconnects.
  2. If your device does disconnect, you should get a red warning asking you to reconnect.
  3. If a measurement fails, you can click a button to go back to the settings page and reconnect.

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