Places without times

It happens: the athletes cross the line and due to some error, anomaly or malfunction, you have places but not times. What to do?

What is more important is what not to do! DO NOT MAKE UP TIMES!

The manner in which you proceed depends upon what you have.

  • First, figure out if you can recover times. In FinishLynx for example you can often recover times by finding and applying the correct start signal which are all logged in the FinishLynx system (Event > select start > apply correct start and reevaluate one athlete).
  • Second, get a reliable hand time and apply that time using appropriate methods (see instructions here). You can time the entire field off of your image with a reliable time on any athlete or relay team.
  • Third, in hytek for example, you can enter times under five seconds that place the athletes correctly. However, under Setup > Report Preferences you check the bottom right box which will have the effect of reporting those times as NT while still placing the athletes in the correct order.
    Thus, entry of the times will place the teams and award points:
    But the fake times will not reflect incorrectly as times HTML meet results:

If it is a multi heat event, then you will need to integrate those times into the overall placement (as best as you are able) using the Judges Decision feature:

Of course, if it is a non-scoring heat, you could just enter NT in the time/mark column in Hytek to begin with.

  • IMPORTANT: The meet results will have to be uploaded as HTML results and NOT as semi-colon delimited because the semi-colon delimited file will show the times under 5 seconds.

If you choose to use the delimited results you can hand edit the file in a text editor to replace the 0.1, 0.2, etc. with NT.

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