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Uploading Results - HyTek

Two HyTek classes of formats are supported:

  • Semi-colon delimited .csv export format (recommended HyTek format) - Example 
  • HTML or Print format - these should be pasted into a .txt file first - Example.

How to export a HyTek meet

Click: File -> Export -> Semi-colon Delimited Results

Click: OK

Click: OK

Take note of where HyTek plans to export the file, and Click OK.

Click: OK

Common HyTek Errors

  • Uploading the wrong type of file, tcl, mdb, pdf - none of these will work
  • Mixed gender events - won't work in track (will in xc)
  • Loss of spacing when copying pdf to a text file (use A-PDF Text Extractor to extract)
  • Copied from another website and did not preserve formatting of columns - try using the their printable format or post a link back to their page via feedback
  • Use of "M" to designate a meet record -- we misread that as Meters so choose something else to designate meet records or manually replace the "M" with a space

Hytek Meets with Multiple Divisions

Hytek has an odd way of treating two division meet. Often it is best to export them as HTML results BY DIVISION. So, if you had a two division meet, say Juniors and Seniors, first export only Juniors, and then only Seniors. Unfortunately, this will then print correct BY DIVISION scores at the bottom, but Hytek will put all division scores at the bottom of the Senior or Junior results ... so you have to delete the opposite division's results from that particular upload. Otherwise scoring may not be correct if you use delimited. Just view the HTML in a browser, and copy/paste it to notepad or other plain text editor and then copy paste back into the upload

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