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In the last year we have collected a total of 3.0 million entries online, accounting for 6,318 events including countless state and regional championships and the national championships shown below. That places us in the #1 spot in the nation!

Specialized Tools
Designed by event directors for event directors

We provide a suite of tools to make life simple for event hosts. Start by setting up the proper race divisions for coaches to enter athletes into, and then invite teams to join your event. Sit back as we collect entries and charge entry fees for you, according to your own guidelines. When everything is ready for the meet, download all the entries into your preferred software and run your meet! Come back afterwards to upload results for all to see.

All of this saves countless hours of paperwork for both you and your attendees. Read further about some of the tools that make us so valuable to event directors and timers.

The Right Tools

Save time getting ready for your meet!
Entry Collection
Coaches can easily submit entries

Along with results archival, this is the feature that brought Athletic.net to renown among coaches. Fax machines are a thing of the past, thanks to the simplicity with which coaches can now submit online meet entries. Entry collection is free for any event director, but becoming a Site Supporter greatly expands your entry collection options.More about collecting entries

Run Your Meet
Compatible with all popular meet managers—Or score your meet right from AthleticNET!

Download submitted entries in formats designed specifically for Hy-Tek's Meet Manager, MeetPro, LynxPad, Runscore, RaceTab, GoEasy, Raceberry JaM, Excel (.csv) and more. Learn about easily downloading entries

Live, Real-Time Mobile Results

Provide your coaches, athletes, and spectators with professional track and field results. Let your audience view real-time track and cross country splits/results, see live field event standings, and search for athletes, teams, and events in a mobile-friendly manner. Allow fans to sign up for notifications whenever an athlete, team, or event has new results. Supercharge your results experience with AthleticLIVE!

Site Supporters receive 1 free Standard meet with real-time results per year and can pay for additional meets.

Want a branded live results experience or bulk discounts? Contact us today!

Easy Coach Communication
Email coaches attending your meet

Simplify your communication tasks by easily sending emails and updates to every coach attending your meet. Pull from stock email templates, create your own custom templates, or choose to write each email as needed. You may also email specific coaches as desired. See how to easily communicate with teams attending your meet

Online Entry Fee Collection
Never miss a check again!

Accept payments via debit or credit card. With payment tracking, flexible fee setup, and automatic invoicing the entry fee collection process is a breeze for event hosts who upgrade to a Site Supporter account. See our easy financial features for meets

Collect Donations
Participants can donate from the event registration page

Wouldn't it be great to have an online platform that combined both event registration and donation collection? Athletic.net offers these both in an integrated solution that allows your event participants to perform both operations in one place. You could even use your event to fundraise for a favorite cause of your choice! See our easy financial features for meets

Sell Custom Merchandise
Hats, T-shirts, Meal Tickets, and more

In addition to fee and donation collection tools, we also give you custom options to pre-sell merchandise such as meal tickets and T-shirts for your meet. This allows you to both extend your selling window and be able to prepare better estimates of how much food/merchandise you are going to need for specific events. See our easy financial features for meets

Streamlined Results Upload Process
Integration with common meet result formats

Results for any and every meet can easily be uploaded by coaches and event directors. Upload tools help to quickly match results to athletes and teams already existing on the site, and any athletes or teams not yet on the site will be added. Learn how to upload your meet's results to the country's largest results database

Official Results
Accurate and complete

Uploaded results are reviewed to ensure accuracy and are then marked Official. This stamp of approval lets everyone know these results are complete and will be used to automatically provide seeds for future competitions.See what Official results are verified to include

More Features for Site Supporters
  • Invitation-only meets
  • Lock entries at a specific date and time
  • Publish entries at a specific date and time
  • Create meet history custom performance lists
  • Turn off ads on meet results
  • Specify the source of seeds
  • Customize list and order of events
  • Set event start times, entry limits, and more
  • Copy setup from a previous meet
  • Customize event page with a cover photo
  • Invite teams to your meet
  • Invite teams from a previous meet
  • Accept/Reject teams as needed
  • Specify another team as co-host of your meet
  • Event Managers/Timers can serve as co-host
  • Publish a welcome message for the meet
  • Publish specific instructions for coaches
  • Meet blog
  • Priority email support through entire process
  • And more!

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“I'll repeat that Athletic.net has been so fantastic! One of the many great features is that you are very prompt and extremely helpful with the feedback form.”
Vivian Stanley, Meet Director, Vacaville, CA

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