Meet Day Tools

Meet Day Tools

Powerful meet management software
for Site Supporters
Seed, Print Heat Sheets, and Enter and Publish Results

We've integrated seeding, printing heat sheets, field score sheets, and reports, and publishing results directly into! No need for expensive, complex third-party software. When you activate Run Meet, your meet entries are already there. After you've entered results, publish to with the click of a button!

After initializing the Run Meet feature, events are automatically seeded! You can then review and make adjustments as needed.
  • Adjust seed settings
  • Reseed event
  • Reset event (unseed all entries)
  • Add or delete heats
  • Move entries within heat
  • Adjust number of start positions
  • Adjust seed mark
  • Add or scratch entries
  • Add or remove relay athletes

Ready to print!
Available Reports
  • Meet program
  • Finish line recording sheets
  • Field event score sheets
  • Team scores

Easily enter results and publish to
  • Manually enter results
  • 1-click publishing of results to
  • Team scores published to
  • Toggle FAT or hand time
  • Override heat place, event place, or points

Available on every meet's Manage page

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