Entry Fee Management

Collect Entry Fees Online!

Site Supporters can use Athletic.net to collect entry payments via credit card from coaches and individuals alike!
Easily Collect and Track Payments

Athletic.net's simple and powerful payment collection and tracking system allows you to collect entry fees from teams or individuals at the time they make their entries. This flexible tool allows fee configuration in a wide variety of styles, including per-athlete, per-team, or per-event fees.

Flexible Fee Setup
Customize to fit your needs

You can charge a simple flat fee per team, or charge based on how many athletes, relay teams, or entries a team is submitting. Additional customizations such as late fees, minimum fees, and maximum fees are available as well.

Accept Credit Cards
Accept electronic payments online

Athletic.net has partnered with Stripe to collect credit card payments. Stripe is the payment processor behind some of the largest businesses online, and uses state-of-the-art security systems to ensure your payment data is safe.

A small processing fee applies to each credit card transaction. You can choose to pay these fees out of what you collect, or pass the fees onto your customers. It's a small price to pay for the convenience, but if you prefer to receive checks or cash, we'll still provide all fee calculation and invoicing services. See our Financial Feature FAQs for more information

Get Your Money in a Flash!
Don't wait for the end of the season

When collecting fees with Athletic.net, there's no waiting for anybody to cut a check for you to get your money. Credit card payments are deposited into an account of your choosing on a rolling two-day basis. Put that money to work right away!

Additionally, using Athletic.net's fee collection system guarantees you won't spend time chasing down late payments. If you elect to collect all fees by credit card, registrants will be prevented from registering unless they provide payment.

Automatic Invoicing
Paperwork handled, no sweat!

Whether you choose to accept online payments or not, Athletic.net's automatic invoicing features create invoices and receipts for each team or individual entrant based on their entries. For the host, it's hands-free simplicity!

Track Offline Payments
See the complete picture

If you choose to collect offline payments, you can easily enter payment data into Athletic.net to keep a complete record of who has paid and who hasn't. Athletic.net will still produce invoices for those who wish to pay offline.

Collect fees for your next meet with Athletic.net!

Head to the Events Listing page, then click Create New Event.

Learn how to set up fee collection

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