AthleticNET Financial Feature FAQ's financial features provide a convenient way for meet hosts to collect entry fees, for athletes (and their parents) to pay team dues or equipment fees, and for teams to conduct fundraising campaigns and accept donations. Here are the answers to a few of the most common questions regarding these features.

What are these service fees?

It costs money to process credit cards. charges a service of 7% + $2.00 for each credit card payment.

Meet hosts, coaches, and team managers may select to absorb the cost of the service fees or pass them on to the payer. Depending on the options that person has selected, an invoice may reflect an additional service fee for each payment.

Is my payment secure?'s financial features (including team fee collection, team fundraising, and meet entry fee collection) are powered by Stripe, an industry-leading provider of secure electronic payment services. Stripe is the payment processor behind some of the largest businesses online, and uses state-of-the-art security systems to ensure that your payment data is safe.

How does my team get the money?

When the team manager or meet host sets up fee collection, they make an account with Stripe. They will provide Stripe with a routing number and account number so that funds can be securely deposited. Stripe deposits funds on a rolling two-day basis. This means that payments processed on a given day will be deposited into the account two business days later. In other words, each day, funds are deposited that were collected two business days previously. On Monday, payments made on Thursday will be deposited. On Tuesday, payments made on Friday will be deposited. On Wednesday, payments made on Monday will be deposited, and so forth.

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