Financial FAQs for College Meets

Team & Entry Fee Invoicing

Entries have always been Free (Yes, Free) on  The only costs are associated with credit card transactions. If your meet collects entry fees via cash or check, you will not have any additional fees to pay.  If you choose to collect your entry fees via credit card, a service fee of 7% + $2.00 is applied to every invoice payment. This is typically passed on to the customer. However, you may choose to absorb it.

Invoices are created for all teams & individual registrants, regardless of entry fee collection method -- online, or via mailed check, or bringing check/cash to the meet.

Receiving Collected Payments via Stripe

  • Option 1: Connect up your Stripe Account. Instructions here. As entry fees are received, you should receive those in your bank account within 2-3 business days on a rolling basis.


  • Option 2: Connect up our AthleticNET Stripe Account, and we will collect the money and send you a check.
    • There is no additional bookkeeping fee from AthleticNET, taken from the total owed, when the check is cut and mailed out.
    • Checks go out the 5th of each month, net 30 to 45 days after your event concludes.
    • We need a W9 on file, from your organization, to mail the check. You will have the option to upload a W9 when connecting our AthleticNET Fee Collection Stripe Account or you may email it to

Questions? Contact and we will get right back to you with answers!

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