Downloading Meet Entries

Once the registration deadline for your event has passed, you can download the event entries using theDownloads button found on the Manage Meet page.

You can choose whether you want to download the entries with grades, USATF or AAU levels, birth year, age on meet date, etc., as well as which entries to download (Accepted, In Process, New, and/or Rejected entries).

You can also choose whether the seed marks downloaded with your entries are season or personal best and whether you will accept overrides by other coaches/athletes for seed times or unofficial results as seed marks.

Finally, you will select the format for your entries export that works best with your meet management software and click Download File, either for all teams or only for the teams you select using the tool below the Download File button.

A useful feature when downloading entries is the option to include the full roster in the entries download. By clicking the box indicated above, you download the entire roster for teams in your event, rather than only those with entries. This is particularly useful for events with day-of changes, making it much easier to add athletes at the last minute to events once on site.

Team Supporters are also able to download reports for the entered athletes, entry counts, and contacts from this screen.

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