Creating a Track & Field Meet #6: Seeds

Setting up a Track & Field Meet
 5. Additional Options
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7. Entry Fees 

Seeds options are where you can specify standards and options regarding what seed data is eligible to be used in your meet.

  1.  Source defines where the seed data is pulled from. The default (and only option for those who are not Team Site Supporters) is to pull seed data from the athlete's season records. Team Supporters may also choose to pull seeds from an athlete's personal (all-time) records, or to define a custom meet list so that the athlete's seed is based on their best performance in a particular past meet or series of past meets. For more information, see Custom Lists Editor.

  1.  Hand Time Standardization defines the manner in which hand-timed seeds are handled. The default (and only option for those who are not Team Site Supporters) is to use the standard and Track & Field News conversion standard. Team Supporters may also choose to use the NFHS conversion standard, apply no conversion, or not accept hand-times at all. For more information, see Hand Time Conversion Standards.

  2. Field Events allows the choice to import field marks in English or Metric measurement units.
  3.  The Accept Overrides and Accept Unofficial Results checkboxes allow the meet host to dictate whether coaches may enter override seeds and whether seeds may be pulled from results listed as “Unofficial”. You must be a Team Supporter to disable these options. For more information, see Unofficial vs. Official Results.

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