FinishLynx Image Export - Day of Meet Checklist

If you have never used FinishLynx Image Export with AthleticLIVE, please [read our comprehensive instruction document] before attempting this checklist.


  1. Go to, edit your meet, scroll to the bottom of the form, and check "Export Lynx Images and Show in Results?". Save the meet.
  2. Double check that your image export configurations are correct at Consider whether you want to export athlete images, event images, or both. Save any changes that you make.
  3. Images are exported to the Output Directory in File -> Options -> Database -> Output Directory. Make sure this value is correct. If you change this value, you must restart FinishLynx.
  4. The "Image Directory" field in your image export configuration contains a network drive letter (e.g. Z:). It's time to map this network drive to the drive specified in the FinishLynx Output Directory.
    1. If AthleticLIVE Local is on the same computer as FinishLynx
      1. Use this tutorial to map a network drive to a local computer). Use the directions under "Map a drive with subst".
    2. If AthleticLIVE Local is on a different computer than FinishLynx
      1. Use this tutorial to map a network drive to a networked computer
  5. Select your meet in AthleticLIVE Local. If you have already selected your meet in AthleticLIVE Local:
    1. Go to the AthleticLIVE Local dashboard.
    2. Click Change
    3. Reselect your meet. Click "Submit".
  6. Open FinishLynx.
  7. You should see an "Image Export Configs" box on the dashboard. Click the green "Re(start)" button to start Image Export.
  8. Open an event with no results in FinishLynx. As you add results, images should appear on the scoreboard. Remember that images may take a few seconds to show up.

If you ever close FinishLynx, you must restart image export after you re-open FinishLynx.

If you follow the instructions above and image export doesn't work:

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Go to C:\Users[YOUR USERNAME].pm2\logs.
  3. Sort by date modified.
  4. Send any logs that begin with "finishlynx-image-export" to

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